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Do you have antique precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum that you’d like to sell? Or maybe you’re just looking for more information on valuing, investing, or selling old estate jewelry. We also deal in and have pages specifically for collectible antique coins and rare coins, which are a great place to start. Antique gold and precious metals vary in value dramatically, and we’ve seen a lot of great pieces, so we frequently provide blogs and information about buying and selling them too.

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Sorry, Mom: None of Us Want the Antique Silver Flatware

In the world of interior design and home décor, trends come and go like the passing of seasons. What was once considered essential for a well-appointed home — think china cabinets filled with delicate dinnerware, ornate silverware sets, and imposing antique furniture — is now falling out of favor, especially among millennials. This generational shift reflects not only changing tastes


Hidden Truth Behind Power and Gold In Ancient Colombia

At first, people only see the goldwork, but there’s so much more that very few people know about… There’s a culture and people’s identity behind all this gold because, at that time, they expressed themselves through the gold. It was their way of seeing the universe. The pre-Hispanic people saw gold from a different perspective than the European and Western


The Crown Jewels Of The United Kingdom

Though they’ve only been collecting them for about 350 years, the British crown jewels are still by far the most expansive set of regalia in the world. There are 141 items, from spoons to crowns. And even the most basic is probably worth more than your grandmother’s prized china collection. Sorry grandma! Why is the collection only 350 years old,


Gold, Silver and Money in Ancient Egypt

If you think that we’ve been fascinated by gold since the beginning of civilization you’d be wrong. It goes back further than that. Gold flakes have even been found in caves from our prehistoric days! Talk about a long-term obsession. Of course, the systematic digging up of gold had to wait until we had a system – or state –


Archaeologists Strike Gold With Ancient Roman Coin

In a recent statement, archaeologists Drs. Shimon Gibson, James Tabor, and Rafael Lewis  gold coin depicting the face of Roman Emperor Nero was discovered in Jerusalem this summer. Archaeologists discovered the coin while excavating the site of several ancient villas believed to have been owned by wealthy priests of the era. The coin itself is believed to have been minted