Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to track my shipment?

We ship exclusively with FedEx, which includes package tracking. You’ll be able to track your package any time at, and you’ll also be notified via e-mail when the package is scanned into our facility.

How much do you pay for gold?

This depends on a few factors, most notably the current price of gold. You’ll have to contact us directly so we can give you an accurate quote and estimate on your gold!

How can I see my offer?

As soon as your offer is available, you’ll receive an e-mail from us. You’ll then be able to log into our secure website to view your offer and decide whether to accept or reject the payout.

How long does it take?

Packages are sent the same day via FedEx if you’re requesting a mailer pack, rather than printing your own (which you can do instantly). Packages typically take 1-3 business days to arrive. We process all our packages the same day we receive them, sending you an offer right after testing the packs. We pay within 24 hours, usually less, so the entire process might only take a couple days!

Can I use my own packaging?

Yes! Select “Print a Free Kit” when requesting a kit instead of “Mail Me My Kit.” You’ll be able to print free FedEx shipping labels that you can attach to your package.

What if I’m unhappy with my offer? Do I need to pay to send it back?

No, we’ll return your valuables back to you free of charge! You’re under no obligation to sell to us and we’ll promptly return your items to you.

Do you buy estates?

Yes! There’s no collection too large for us to go through. We are experienced in collectible and rare items as well, inspecting each one for additional value before testing their intrinsic value.

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