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Other leading online cash for gold companies don’t tell you what they pay. They force you to send in your gold, give you a (typically low) offer and force you to negotiate while in possession of your gold. The process feels unnecessarily disingenuous, and it’s probably a big reason the industry has such a poor reputation. We’re working to change that.

We post our prices online so you can see what you’ll get paid. We pay a percentage of the intrinsic value of gold, based on the quantity of gold you have. The higher the value gold, the more you get paid. The more gold you send in, the better the rate you get. It’s that simple.

Take a look at our pricing table to get a better understanding of the amount you’ll get paid if you send in your gold. For a detailed explanation on how to calculate the value of your gold, view our article here. If you prefer to just ask directly, you can call us at 1-888-733-8806.

Occasionally, we’ll receive a rare or collectible item in one of our packs. We know how to identify them after decades in the antiques business, and will quote rare items separately. Our goal is to give you the most we can for each item, and our knowledge and industry expertise helps us do just that.

Cash for Gold Mailer guarantees we will pay the most for your gold, matching offers from any other national online competitor.

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Today's Gold Price:

All gold prices calculated using pennyweight scale (DWT)


per troy oz.

Karat 10+ oz
200+ DWT
5-10 oz
100-200 DWT
3-5 oz
60-100 DWT
0-3 oz
0-60 DWT
10K $ 38.71 $ 33.87 $ 29.03 $ 24.19
14K $ 54.30 $ 47.52 $ 40.73 $ 33.94
18K $ 69.62 $ 60.92 $ 52.22 $ 43.51
22K $ 85.12 $ 74.48 $ 63.84 $ 53.20

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