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Watching the price of silver? After it’s record run with gold at the end of the 20th century and into the 2000s – peaking in 2011 at nearly $50/oz, silver prices seemed unstoppable. Now a few years after the all-time highs, we frequently take a look at how the price of silver is determined and monitor its fluctuations. Is it time to buy, or time to sell? It’s never easy to know. But we do know that if you have unwanted silver that you want to liquidate and turn into cash, our service will get you closest to par value the quickest, easiest, most worry-free way possible.

If you have silver you’d like to sell, check out what we buy and learn how we’re able to pay more than any competitors. If you’re just looking to learn more about movements in the price of silver, check out our resources and insights about movements we’re seeing in the silver industry.

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How much is Scrap Silver Worth? Getting the Best Prices Online

Sure, a lot of precious-metal-buying websites have ‘gold’ in their title. That doesn’t mean they won’t buy other metals, though. A good example of a something they’ll buy just as gladly is silver. To a lot of people, this will be music to the ears. After all, many households have more silver – like flatware, coins and jewelry – lying


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