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What Should You Do With Grandma’s Old Jewelry? Sell It!?

What should you do with jewelry you inherit but don’t want? It’s bittersweet scenario: your grandmother passed away, she passed onto you her prized-possessions. Or maybe she’s downsizing and gifting old jewelry to you and other important people in her life. Whichever the case, it’s tough to know what to do with it. Many times these are heirlooms you remember


Too Much Candy This Halloween? Get Cash for Your Broken Gold Teeth

Let’s face it. We all use Halloween as an excuse to eat all the candy we want without any judgement. No one wants to be the Grinch of Halloween, because we will definitely judge them. It’s Halloween. Lots of candy. If you don’t want any, more for us. Eat your sugar free gum and be sad. Sometimes we do go


How to Avoid Cash for Gold Scams

Do you have unwanted or broken jewelry just lying around and doing nothing for you? Selling your gold could be the solution. However, many people who decide to sell their gold for cash struggle not only with whether or not to part themselves with their gold, but who they should sell it to.

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