Too Much Candy This Halloween? Get Cash for Your Broken Gold Teeth

POSTED ON October 31, 2016
Too Much Candy This Halloween? Get Cash for Your Broken Gold Teeth

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Let’s face it. We all use Halloween as an excuse to eat all the candy we want without any judgement. No one wants to be the Grinch of Halloween, because we will definitely judge them. It’s Halloween. Lots of candy. If you don’t want any, more for us. Eat your sugar free gum and be sad. Sometimes we do go overboard, however. In our chocolate, gumball, and cherry flavored field of bliss, we often forget what we are putting our teeth through. Then it happens; that gold tooth breaks. Do you regret eating all that candy? Of course not. What do the kids say these days? Yolo! But having your gold tooth break is a downer, but all hope is not lost. You can always sell your broken gold tooth for cash. I’m not pulling your leg here. I’m serious. Think of it as turning lemons into lemonade. Your tooth is already broken. Nothing you can do about it, but get some cash out of it.

Aren’t those cash for gold businesses scams?


Not all of us. Unfortunately legitimate cash for gold business’s reputation have been soiled by scammers. One rotten apple can spoil the bunch. There are many ways to figure out whether a cash for gold business is legitimate or not, and if legitimate, whether they have good customer service and business practices. One way to find out is to visit the Better Business Bureau website ( or other consumer sites such as the Rip-off Report. Here you can look up the business and read their information and any complaints made by their customers. Consumer sites such as the two listed above are some of the best sites to find unbiased information about the buyers you are looking up.

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Another way to check if a business is legitimate is to check your state and local laws in regards to Precious Metals and Stones General Statutes. Some states require registration and certain licenses such as pawn shop license or a background check by local police. Check if your potential buyer is following the rules.

Will I get much for one gold tooth?


Depending on how much gold is in the tooth and how much gold is selling for now. To get even more cash for your gold. You should look through you jewelry box and your house for any unwanted to gold.  The more gold you have, the more cash you can get.


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I have gathered all my gold, now what?


Well first you need to know the market price of gold. This will prevent you from selling your gold at a lesser value than it is actually worth. Seeing as gold usually does well on the market, you shouldn’t have problems selling your gold at a decent price. To track the value of golf, you can visit the APMEX site, which will show you the changes in the value of gold in real time.

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What’s next?


You should know how many karats each piece is worth. This piece of information along with the market price for gold can give you an idea on how much your gold is actually worth. How karats are determined is by the ratio of gold to other metals in the jewelry piece. One karat of gold equals to 1/24 of pure gold by weight. Any piece of gold that is less than 10 karats of gold cannot be classified as gold jewelry.

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Should I get it appraised before trying to sell my gold?


If you have a small amount of gold probably not. If you have found a lot of gold that you want to sell, then yes. Getting your gold appraised is another step that will prevent you from selling your gold cheaper than what it is worth. You will already know the value of your gold when waiting for an offer and will be able to decide if that offer is satisfactory. You can get your gold appraised at your local jewelry store or you can go online and get it appraised on such as Value My Stuff or Gold-Quote.Net. If you’re on the fence about getting your gold appraised, consider whether the cash you will get for your gold will justify you spending money on an appraisal.


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How does the cash for gold process works?

In summary, the buyer will access your jewelry and make an offer. You will either do this in person or mail it to the buyer while corresponding through email or over the phone. The buyer will make you an offer and you have a certain number of days to either accept it or deny it.

The most important thing to keep in mind about the process is the buyers guarantee or any type of policy. This will keep you from being blindsided by the buyer. The guarantee or policy should let you know the terms and conditions, how many days you have to accept or deny an offer, when can you expect payment when the offer is accepted, and what will happen in the event that a buyer loses or damages your gold. Read these documents carefully before signing anything.

Also, don’t take the first offer that comes your way, selling you gold for cash can be a long process. Be patient and knowledgeable as much as possible, so that you can sell your gold at the best selling price possible.

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Well there you have it! We have now showed you how to make your downer into an upper. Your mouth’s loss is actually your wallet’s gain. Use that money towards a vacation, a nice night on the town, or more candy. We won’t judge you on the candy part. Just don’t get too crazy with the candy eating and breaking anymore gold teeth. As nice as having the money is, your teeth do serve a purpose. If you have any more questions about cash for gold business or why you should sell you gold, check out the rest of our site.