Current Price of Gold Per Gram & Ounce

POSTED ON June 10, 2016
Current Price of Gold Per Gram & Ounce


Current Price of Gold

Calculating the actual value of your gold can be a little tricky. The most confusing part of the process might be finding the appropriate weight measurement to use for your calculation. Gold is measured in troy ounces – a unit not very popular with your everyday scales – so we’ll show you how to calculate the amount of troy ounces based on the measurement tools you have./p>

Grams and ounces are the most popular units of weight. We’ll give you both the current price of gold per ounce and the price of gold per gram, but due to the constantly fluctuating price of gold, we’ll also give you a simple multiplier for transposing those units of measure into troy ounces.

Price of Gold Per Gram

Price of Gold Per Ounce