Is It Safe To Sell Gold Online?

Is It Safe To Sell Gold Online?

From a numbers perspective, selling your gold online has always made sense. Companies like us have the ability to achieve economics of scale, higher volumes, lower margins, lower overheads, and everything else you can find detailed on our About Us page. We’re just able to pay more. But is it worth it to risk sending valuables through the mail to get that extra payment? Is it really safe to sell gold online?

The short answer is: Yes.

Here are 5 reasons why selling gold online is so safe:

1. Trusted Shipping Companies

Mailing gold, or any valuables, is extremely safe. After thousands of online transactions, we can tell you that packages get from point A to point B with alarming efficiency. We use FedEx due to their great reputation and fantastic execution, always delivering quickly, safely, and with the valuables intact.

Whether you’re using one of our padded, prepaid packages or just downloading a free FedEx label, as long as you pack things safely, we’ll receive them exactly how you sent them. And if you aren’t happy with your offer, we’ll ship things back to you safely via FedEx as well. After processing thousands of packages, we can count the number of packages lost or damaged on one hand.

2. Insured Packages

Still worried about sending a lot of valuables through the mail? Packages are automatically insured for up to $5000, and can be insured for the full value of your gold, jewelry, and diamonds if you’d like to request an increase. We cover the cost of insurance when mailing us your valuables, as well as if we’re sending them back. If the worst were to happen and your package was damaged or disappeared, we’d just be a little paperwork away from getting the full value of your valuables for you.

3. Discreet Mailers

Our mailing labels are extremely discreet. When sending to our processing center, you’ll notice a processing center name and address, along with a nondescript mailer. No big “cash for mailer” advertising on the package or gold rings and our website plastered all over the package. We don’t want to suggest to anyone what the contents are. This is just an extra layer of security to keep things even more safe.

4. Send From Anywhere

You never know what you’re getting with a pawn broker or cash for gold store. Are there some good ones out there? Sure. But even the best ones don’t pay as much as we do, thus the 100% price match guarantee. That aside, if you pick the wrong company you could very easily be dealing with a shady, local dealer who is going to take as much from you as he can.

Want to avoid those stores and go to a high-end jeweler? That corner-of-the-mall real estate and suit have a price, and it means less money for your gold.

With a gold mailer from Cash for Gold Mailer, you simply drop it off at any FedEx location, dropbox, or we can even schedule a pickup for you. No bargaining with unscrupulous dealers, trips around the city, or bad price offers. It’s faster, easier, and much less stressful.

5. Accredited with Decades of Experience

Incompetence is much riskier than the mail. Someone who just opened a cash for gold shop and bought some gold testing equipment might make a mistake pricing your gold and valuables, lack the experience to do it properly, or give himself more margin because he’s not exactly sure what he’s buying. We don’t do that.

Our team has been in the business for decades and has processed thousands of packages. We know how to price your gold, and can do it with a high degree of certainty. From separating out different types of metals in a single piece to appraising gemstones, we know how to get a precise value for your gold and valuables.

Not only that, but we’re A+ BBB rated and are proud to be a trusted, accredited member of the community. We’ve been in business for a long time and are here to stay. We’re not like a corner cash for gold store that is here and done within weeks or months. Your valuables are in good hands with us.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have any questions about how the process works, or just want to speak with one of our valuation specialists before sending in your goods, reach out to us via phone or e-mail. If you’d like to get started with a pack first, simple fill out our Request a Pack form to get all the materials you’ll need to start the offer process.

Selling gold online and shipping valuables through the mail has never been safer. With our efficient process, fully insured and guaranteed shipments, and professional experience, we’ll make sure your gold selling experience is top-notch. Request a free pack today!

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