Time Heals all Hearts – Selling Your Old Valentine’s Day Jewelry

POSTED ON February 14, 2017
Time Heals all Hearts – Selling Your Old Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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How fantastic it would be if love didn’t fade, lives didn’t grow apart and hearts didn’t get trod upon. What if we could all walk around on cloud nine all the time? Of course, we’d never get anything done, to not even mention the dangers of operating heavy machinery, but it would be pretty amazing. I mean could you imagine all the goofy smiles in the subway every morning?

That’s not how things are, though.

And perhaps that’s for best. After all, if that feeling – that amazing sensation – wouldn’t fade then there wouldn’t be any room for change or growth. We’d all be walking around with our high-school sweet hearts, despite how different we’ve become. Many relationships would be made up of equal parts love and hate. Love would turn from liberating into suffocating.

And what about the ugly ducklings? What about life’s late bloomers? It wouldn’t matter if they grow into beautiful swans. Everybody they could hook up with would already be taken!

There there, there there

there there, there there

You’re right. They’re hollow words when you’ve parted ways with the love of your life. But then this is a blog about selling gold online. We never claimed to be experts of the heart. What we are good at is helping you pad your pocket. Sure, your heart will be just as heavy. At the same time, when we add a bit of weight to your wallet your heart might seem lighter in comparison.

Or you can put that money towards buying a valentine’s gift for the next love of your life?

Whatever your situation, when you want to get rid of jewelry first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how much it’s worth. Now, unless you’ve got something very special (not only for you) crafted by an artist whose name carries weight, you can only expect to get the scrap metal price for your items. Fortunately, that that price can be quite high. Precious metals keep their value well.

What you need to know first is how much metal you have, how pure it is and what price you can expect to get for it. Gold is measured in karats, from one to 24. We sometimes measure silver on the millesimal system (like the decimal system with an extra ‘0’) and sometimes with karats. It sounds more complicated than it is. Just check out this link if your jewelry is made of silver and this one if your jewelry is made of gold.

Of course, Instead of doing all that you might be tempted to say “screw that”, take your jewelry down to the local pawn shop and get this over with. That’s certain a strategy. Admittedly, it is easy. So is lighting a 100 dollar bill on fire. Selling at a pawn shop without considering your options amounts to pretty much the same thing (without the smoke).

You see, different places pay very different amounts for second-hand jewelry. Yes, sometimes it’s because merchants are unscrupulous. No doubt some do sit around in dark smokey cafes, cackling and backslapping each other as they talk about ripping off customers.

More often, though, it’s because the less a dealer buys and sells the more they need to make off each transaction. Otherwise they go out of business. What’s more, the greater their expenses (e.g. marketing, store rental and wages) the less money they can pay you.

That’s not what you want.

So when thinking about where to sell your jewelry, consider ‘how much business do they get’ and ‘how much overhead do they have’. If the answer to the former is ‘little’ and the latter is ‘much’ that’s a bad place to sell the pieces of your broken heart. You want exactly the opposite. You want a business that has a lot of customers and few expenses.

The transition to cyberspace

The transition to cyberspace

In part, that’s why so many people choose to use online services. After all a website doesn’t cost as much to maintain as a store and so that means less costs get passed on to you. Moreover, because everything goes to a central location, online businesses can use economies of scale to drive down their cost.

That means they can pay you more.

Even better, it’s easy to sell your jewelry online nowadays. We can thank FedEx for that. They’ve made such transactions fast and save. That’s because they almost never lose anything and when they do your package is insured for up to $5000. That means you get paid no matter what.

In fact, selling your gold online isn’t only better value than using the local pawn shop, it is faster as well. With us you just need get a free mailer kit, post us the item and we’ll give you a free appraisal. Then all that’s left for you to do is to accept it or not. If you do, then you get paid and we take a bad memory from your hands. If you don’t and we’ll ship it right back to you.

So, while matters of the heart might not have become easier, dealing with the aftermath has. And who knows? Maybe selling those physical pieces of jewelry you can be the first step towards moving on. After all, we have to move out the old emotional luggage before somebody new can move in.