Different Style Gold Chains – Fashionable Men’s Gold Necklaces

POSTED ON June 20, 2023
Different Style Gold Chains – Fashionable Men’s Gold Necklaces

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When you think of gold jewelry, sure gold wedding rings come quickly to mind. But gold is used for far more reasons than a symbol of commitment. From religious expressions to personal style, there is a huge range of styles and types of gold jewelry that people wear. Gold chains are one prominent type of gold jewelry, so let’s look through a few reasons why people wear gold chains, as well as the different popular styles.

People wear gold chains for a variety of reasons, and the significance of wearing gold chains can vary across cultures and individuals. Here are some common reasons why people wear gold chains:

Fashion and Style: Gold chains are often worn as a fashion accessory to enhance one’s appearance and style. They can be seen as a symbol of wealth, luxury, and prestige. In many cultures, gold is associated with opulence and is considered a status symbol.

stylish man with hat and gold chain

Personal Expression: Some individuals wear gold chains as a form of self-expression or to reflect their personal taste. They may choose different chain designs, lengths, or pendant attachments that hold personal meaning or represent their interests, beliefs, or cultural heritage.

gold chain with heart

Religious and Cultural Significance: In certain religious and cultural traditions, gold chains may hold symbolic value. They can be worn as religious or spiritual symbols, representing devotion or connection to a particular faith. In some cultures, gold chains are also considered auspicious or are worn during special occasions and ceremonies.

woman with gold crown and necklace

Sentimental and Emotional Value: Gold chains are often gifted on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. These chains can hold sentimental value as they may be passed down through generations or given as a token of love, friendship, or family bonds. Wearing such a chain can serve as a reminder of a significant relationship or cherished memories.

Investment and Store of Value: Gold is considered a precious metal with intrinsic value, and some people choose to invest in gold chains as a form of tangible asset. They view it as a way to store wealth that can be easily transported and liquidated if needed.

It’s important to note that the reasons for wearing gold chains can vary widely among individuals, and not everyone may share the same motivations. Personal preferences, cultural backgrounds, and individual circumstances play a significant role in why people choose to wear gold chains.

fashionable man with gold chains

There are various styles of gold chains available, each with its own distinct design and characteristics. You can even have them customized to suit your needs and style. Many gold dealers and experienced jewelers are happy to craft unique gold chain expressions for individuals for any number of reasons.

When it comes to the standard production of gold chains, there are many styles. Here are some popular styles of gold chains:

Figaro Chain
The Figaro chain is characterized by a pattern of flattened links, usually consisting of two or three small circular links followed by a larger oval link. It is a classic design that is often worn by both men and women.

man wearing hat with a gold chain

Curb Chain
Curb chains are known for their interlocking links that lay flat. The links in a curb chain are typically uniform in size and shape, creating a simple and elegant look. They are versatile and commonly used for pendants or as standalone necklaces.

Rope Chain
Rope chains are made up of twisted or braided links that resemble a rope, hence the name. They can vary in thickness and are known for their durability and intricate design. Rope chains are popular for both men and women.

stylish woman wearing a gold chain

Box Chain
Box chains are characterized by square-shaped links that fit together seamlessly, creating a sleek and geometric appearance. They are often delicate and are a popular choice for showcasing small pendants or charms.

Byzantine Chain
The Byzantine chain features intricate, woven links that form a flexible and decorative design. It has an antique and ornate look and is often seen as a statement piece.

Wheat Chain
Wheat chains have interlocking links that resemble strands of wheat, hence the name. They are durable and have a unique, braided appearance, making them popular for both casual and formal wear.

Singapore Chain
Singapore chains are made up of small, twisted links that create a liquid-like texture and reflect light beautifully. They are delicate and provide a delicate and feminine look.

Franco Chain
Franco chains have interlocking links with four sides, creating a square or rectangular profile. They are sturdy and have a modern, stylish look, often worn by both men and women.

These are just a few examples of the many styles of gold chains available. The choice of chain style depends on personal preference, fashion trends, and the desired look or occasion.

But how much do they cost? If you’re paying retail for a gold chain, then the price would very much be determined by the brand, custom work that went into it, and of course the gold content of the piece (as well as any other gems or diamonds that may be included). You can be confident that you’ll be paying a hefty premium on the intrinsic value of the gold and gemstones, but that’s the price you pay for fashion.

Similarly, you may wonder what they are worth. Unless you’re dealing with a well-known, premium brand, it’s likely that selling your gold chain will only fetch the price of “scrap” gold. Meaning it will just be sold for the intrinsic value of the gold and other gemstones included in it, not for a premium. That’s where cash for gold companies like ours come in.

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