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Gold chains are extremely popular gifts for men and women ton of these come through the store. The value of gold chain varies widely, as sizes, weights, and purity that are rarely consistent. Chains made of gold, or contains other precious metals or gemstones, are best to have a professional inspect.


Gold chains can come in the form of basic gold chains, all the way to heavily-adorned pieces of jewelry with several ounces of gold, gemstones, and other metals. Like gold rings, they are a traditional display of power and wealth. The rarity of gold makes it valuable. Basic gold chains are often bought and resold based on their gold content. However, typically gold chains are sold and melted down when they get old, worn, or unimportant, then recast into new jewelry. That’s where we come in!

There are all kinds of reasons you might want to sell your gold chains or other jewelry:

  • Lost its significance to you
  • Outdated or out of fashion
  • Selling an investment
  • Divorce / Break-up
  • Inheritance
  • Broken, scratched, or damaged

Whatever the reason, our online cash for gold service can get you the most money for your unwanted gold. If your chainĀ has other precious metals or gemstones in it, such as silver or diamonds, our team of professionals will estimate the price of each section and pay you appropriately for each one. We’ll clearly explain how your chain is priced and give you a no-obligation offer on purchasing your jewelry.

The accurate value of your chains can only be determined after it has been expected by a professional to verify its quality, weight, and purity. If you’d like a free appraisal and offer for your gold chain and other jewelry, fill out our request form to print your free label or request a free cash for gold mailer pack.

Calculating the Value of GoldĀ Chains

The actual value of your gold chain is determined by three primary factors: purity of the gold, karat weight of the piece, and the current spot price of gold. You can read in more detail how gold pricing works, or use our gold value calculator to determine the approximate value of simple items.


Purity is the percentage of gold in any piece of metal. 24k gold is pure gold, while 12k gold would actually be 50% gold. The purity has a direct proportional impact on pricing, so a 24k gold chain would be worth double a 12k gold chain, all else equal.


The amount of gold is also important in determining the value of your chain. The heavier the chain, the more gold contained in it (assuming a consistent distribution of gold). There is a direct proportional impact on pricing, so a chain weighing 0.6 ounces would be worth twice as much as one weighing 0.3 ounces.

Spot Price of Gold

Lastly, the current value of gold is a major factor in the price of gold. Once it’s determined how much pure gold your chain contains (using purity and weight), that number needs to be multiplied by the current spot price of gold. We have the current price of gold on our site here.

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There are significant costs in the gold refining process, so no cash for gold service is going to pay you the full intrinsic value of gold. From refining to processing fees, turning old jewelry into pure gold isn’t easy. At Cash for Gold Mailer, we operate as efficiently as possible and work with the lowest margins in the industry. That’s why we guarantee the best offer, local or online, for your gold and valuables.

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