The Value of “5 Golden Rings” Over the Years – The 12 Days of Christmas

POSTED ON December 15, 2016
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You’re probably familiar with the popular “The 12 Days of Christmas” Christmas song. We like the idea of getting increasingly bizarre gifts from our true love, but here at Cash for Gold Mailer we’re a little more focused on the “5 Golden Rings” than the rest of the gifts (12 drummers drumming would get old fast).

And while there are some fun inflation price indexes of all the gifts each year, they’re mostly just wild guesses. Golden Rings, on the other hand, have an exact value we can calculate. So we did! We’ve put together an infographic showing the price of gold since the modern arrangement of “The 12 Days of Christmas” was put together in 1909, and just how much those 5 Golden Rings are going to cost you.

24k gold out of your price range? No worries. We’ve got this year’s prices in other gold purity levels as well. 5 14k golden rings are still a pretty nice gift in our opinion. Plus, you’re still saving over 25% off the peak of gold prices in 2012.

Looking to sell some gold rings to raise a little extra cash for the holiday season? We buy all kinds of gold rings, so let us know if you’d like a free appraisal!

Value of 5 Golden Rings from The 12 Days of Christmas