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Sell 925 Sterling Silver – Pricing, Value, & the Best Way to Sell

Sterling silver (925) is a very popular metal. Since it’s commonly used in household items and jewelry, a lot of people have some. Whether it’s from an inheritance or just items you’ve collected over the years, the increase in price and interest in silver recently might mean it’s a good time to gather it up and sell it. Below, we’ll


Sorry, Mom: None of Us Want the Antique Silver Flatware

In the world of interior design and home décor, trends come and go like the passing of seasons. What was once considered essential for a well-appointed home — think china cabinets filled with delicate dinnerware, ornate silverware sets, and imposing antique furniture — is now falling out of favor, especially among millennials. This generational shift reflects not only changing tastes


How much is Scrap Silver Worth? Getting the Best Prices Online

Sure, a lot of precious-metal-buying websites have ‘gold’ in their title. That doesn’t mean they won’t buy other metals, though. A good example of a something they’ll buy just as gladly is silver. To a lot of people, this will be music to the ears. After all, many households have more silver – like flatware, coins and jewelry – lying