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Do you have scrap gold jewelry that you’d like to sell? Or maybe you are just looking for more information on figuring out what that old, unwanted gold might be worth. Since the melt value of gold has skyrocketed in the past 20 years, nearly all gold is valued at its intrinsic value (good news for your scrap gold). Ugly or broken – it doesn’t matter. From gold wedding rings and gold necklaces to luxury gold watchesand gold earrings, we pay more than anyone else in the industry. You can learn more on those pages, or calculate the value yourself, but of course to get the most accurate offer send in to us for a free appraisal and cash offer.

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How Much Are Olympic Gold Medals Worth?

It’s  impossible to put a price on the accolades and prestige that come with winning Olympic Gold. However, we put prices on gold for a living, so we wanted to take a look at the value of the medal itself. Just how much could you get for a Gold Medal if you had one and decided to sell it? Let’s


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