Posted on June 14, 2024>

Sell 925 Sterling Silver – Pricing, Value, & the Best Way to Sell

Sterling silver (925) is a very popular metal. Since it’s commonly used in household items and jewelry, a lot of people have some. Whether it’s from an inheritance or just items you’ve collected over the years, the increase in price and interest in silver recently might mean it’s a good time to gather it up and sell it. Below, we’ll


Posted on April 24, 2024>

Why Selling Gold Locally Might Be a Bad Idea

When you think about gold bars, high-tech images don’t readily come to mind. We think of those stories of people with hordes of gold stored in their shed, huge scores of valuable antique gold discovered in sunken ships, the California gold rush, and other more old-school visions of wealth. While the internet changed a lot, there are some industries that


Posted on April 12, 2024>

Is it Smarter to Pawn or Sell Your Gold? Compare Both Options

Life happens, and sometimes you need a bit of extra cash to get through the day. When that happens, you look for ways to get your hands on some cash, and fast. Often, the need for cash is seen as temporary until another paycheck comes in or you find a new job, but that isn’t always the case. Related posts:


Posted on April 4, 2024>

Sorry, Mom: None of Us Want the Antique Silver Flatware

In the world of interior design and home décor, trends come and go like the passing of seasons. What was once considered essential for a well-appointed home — think china cabinets filled with delicate dinnerware, ornate silverware sets, and imposing antique furniture — is now falling out of favor, especially among millennials. This generational shift reflects not only changing tastes


Posted on March 30, 2024>

Reduce Credit Card Debt by Selling Unwanted Gold & Silver

Americans currently carry over $1.13 Trillion in credit card debt. Trillion, with a “t”. Or $1,130,000,000. That’s a seemingly astronomical, mind-boggling number, especially for a financial “tool” that is unusual for most of the world. Americans know credit card debt is bad, but it’s so normalized that it’s easy to waive it off as just part of life. But high-interest


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