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Louis Moinet Watches

Louis Moinet Watches has the most restrictions that seem to have applied to dress watches. The case of Louis Moinet watches is wide and thick, the half-faced dial is bold and unique, and the first impression it makes is a powerful one that lacks subtlety. The quality of the watch is extremely elegant. Louis Moinet watches hold their value and have a strong second-hand market. We actively deal in this brand, so if you have a watch that you think you can sell, we would be very interested in purchasing it.

To determine the value of your watch, we’ll first need more information about the exact piece you have. You can begin by creating an order with our “pack request,” then we will reach out to learn more about the pieces you want to sell. If it’s a piece we buy and sell, we’ll inspect your watch to determine an exact appraisal value and provide a free, no-obligation offer.

Louis Moinet Watch Models

We buy watches from current lines all the way to vintage styles. Here are a few lines and models from Louis Moinet that we frequently buy:

  • Russian Eagle
  • Jurassic Tourbillon
  • Jules Verne Instrument
  • Geograph
  • Legends
  • Mecanograph
  • Twintech
  • Jules Verne Instrument I (GMT)

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Watch Buying Process

Our watch buying process is very fast, safe, and transparent. All of our gold packages are insured for the value of your watch, shipped discretely via FedEx, and processed in our secure facility by a trusted jewelry expert. We’ve been in the watch and jewelry buying business for decades, we were able to accurately estimate the value of your Louis Moinet watch and pay you a fair value for it. Our basic process is as follows:

1) Request a Pack or Label – Request a pack using the form on the left. This will generate an order number and provide you with the materials to safely and securely send us your watch.

2) Mail You Watch – Ship your watch, fully insured, by dropping off the package at your nearest FedEx dropbox or mailing location.

3) Execute Inspection and Appraisal – Our team will inspect your Louis Moinet watch, research it, and provide an appraisal and offer for your watch. This offer will be available online instantly after appraisals, which are completed within 1 business day of receiving your watch.

4) Accept or Reject Offer – Log in and accept our offer for instant payment processing, or reject the offer and we’ll return your watch safely and securely. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive payment through the method of your choice within 24 hours.

About Louis Moinet Watches

2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Swiss high-end watch brand Louis Moinet’s workshops, but the 208th anniversary of the Louis Moinet watchmaking heritage. Even after so many centuries, Lois Moinet watches continued its details, mono-chromatic looks, and beautiful finishing, wonderfully with more formal attire.

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