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Estate jewelry can take a few different forms. Sometimes it’s an amazing family heirloom passed on from generation to generation – grandma’s diamonds and rubies that are spoken about in hushed tones when she isn’t around in the hopes that they’ll be passed down someday. Other times, it’s just an accumulation of jewelry that happened little by little over the years, has very little significance, and is really just worth its intrinsic value.

Estate jewelry is often inherited from family members, such as grandparents, fathers, mothers, or in-laws, often giving it some sentimental value. Or perhaps some of the pieces have sentimental value (that are probably worth keeping in the family), while others are essentially a pile of money waiting to be cashed in!

Many people find these heirlooms outdated, choosing to sell them. That’s where we come in. As experts in antique jewelry, we can accurately assess your pieces, ensuring you receive a fair value. While many estate jewelry items hold only their intrinsic value, we are also skilled in assessing pieces with antique and historical value, so if you do have something unique that you want to sell, we’ll be able to tell you. If you have something truly special, we are prepared to offer more.

Receiving gold and silver jewelry from an estate is one of the most popular reasons people are looking to sell. Depending on the quality, these items can add up to a lot of cash.

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The intrinsic value of these pieces sometimes outweighs their emotional worth, especially if the jewelry no longer suits the owner’s style or preferences. Many individuals find themselves inheriting estate jewelry that, while beautiful (or sometimes not!), may feel outdated or not in line with their personal taste. In such cases, selling these items becomes a practical choice, allowing them to turn unused heirlooms into money that can be used for better things.

Selling estate jewelry can be a great decision for those looking to declutter and capitalize on the value of their inherited pieces. Whether it’s gold, gemstones, or intricately designed vintage items, estate jewelry can fetch a significant price based on its material and craftsmanship. Additionally, if the piece has a noteworthy design or historical relevance, it might command an even higher price. As experts in antique jewelry, we can ensure that you receive a fair and competitive offer, providing an opportunity to maximize the return on their cherished yet unused treasures.

Calculating the Value of Gold Estate Jewelry

The actual value of your gold jewelry is determined by three primary factors: purity of the gold, karat weight of the piece, and the current spot price of gold. You can read in more detail how gold pricing works, or use our gold value calculator to determine the approximate value of simple items.


Purity is the percentage of gold in any piece of metal. 24k gold is pure gold, while 12k gold would actually be 50% gold. The purity has a direct proportional impact on pricing, so a 24k gold jewelry would be worth double a 12k gold jewelry, all else equal.


The amount of gold is also important in determining the value of your jewelry. The heavier the jewelry, the more gold contained in it. There is a direct proportional impact on pricing, so a jewelry weighing 0.4 ounces would be worth twice as much as one weighing 0.2 ounces.

Spot Price of Gold

Lastly, the current value of gold is a major factor in the price of gold. Once it’s determined how much pure gold your jewelry contains (using purity and weight), that number needs to be multiplied by the current spot price of gold. We have the current price of gold on our site here.

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There are significant costs in the gold refining process, so no cash for gold service is going to pay you the full intrinsic value of gold. From refining to processing fees, turning old jewelry into pure gold isn’t easy. At Cash for Gold Mailer, we operate as efficiently as possible and work with the lowest margins in the industry. That’s why we guarantee the best offer, local or online, for your gold and valuables.

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