Platinum Coins

Platinum Coins

We also buy platinum coins! Platinum is a malleable, ductile, gray-white precious metal, with 6 natural occurring isotopes. During 1970s, platinum coins were first minted by the Spanish and later by Russia in the early 1800s. As a metal, platinum is very valuable, so if you have platinum coins you could be looking at a great payout.

Historically, these coins proved to be unpopular because their appearance resembled many less expensive metals. Also, the platinum was very hard to work compared to more malleable metals such as gold and silver. But a number of countries began producing legal tender platinum bullion coins, and the rest was history.


The platinum bullion coins produced by the United States and Canada have proven the most popular with investors. These coins are widely recognized and easily traded throughout the world. These coins are easy to buy, easy to sell, and unlike larger platinum bullion bars, can be easily divided into smaller quantities.

We buy platinum coins as we can easily identify their purity. Platinum coins are generally 90.0% pure or 95.0% pure. Platinum is a costly metal to refine which brings down the value on the secondhand market, but it’s still one of the most valuable white metals and we pay extremely competitive rates per coin.

How it works

1) Request a label or pack

The first step towards redeeming your gold value is to prepare your Mailer. If you request a mailer, we’ll send you a Cash for Gold Mailer through the mail, complete with a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Preparing your mailer couldn’t be easier.

If you already have a package you can mail your gold in, simply request a free, prepaid FedEx mailing label that you can print instantly and attach to your package.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll receive a tracking number that will allow you to track your package online and monitor the offer process.

2) Gather your valuables and mail them

Once you’ve got your prepaid mailing label and package, you’ll need to gather up the gold and valuables you’re interested in a price on, securely package them, and then ship your mailer in the most convenient FedEx location. Since it’s prepaid and insured, you’ll simply need to put it in the dropbox or hand it to the shipping attendant.

3) Accept or reject your offer online

When your package arrives at our facility, we’ll analyze and test its contents, determine what we can offer for each piece, and post our offer to your secure account area on our website. You’ll be notified via e-mail when that offer appears, and you can review it to accept or reject our offer instantly.

If you accept the offer, your payment will be sent in less than 24 hours via your preferred payment method. We can pay instantly online via Paypal, or send a check through the mail if you prefer.

If you reject the offer, we’ll package up your gold and valuables and mail them back safely via FedEx at absolutely no charge to you.

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