Sell Luxury Watches

From Cartier to Rolex, our experts will inspect your valuables, analyze the resale market, and offer you the most we can for your luxury watch. For more information on the brands and styles of luxury watches we frequently purchase, browse by brand below.

Luxury watches frequently hold their value well, with some of the top brands even appreciating decades later. Whether you’re selling a new luxury watch or one passed down for generations, our team has seen it.

Peak Season Prices

Watch prices fluctuate throughout the year, and we have the buying power to hold high-end watches for months in order to sell them for the highest prices. This means we’re able to pay based on peak prices throughout the year. So whether you need the cash in May or December, we’ll pay the same high price and wait for the opportune buyer or time to sell.

Review & Offer Process

We provide estimates based on the quality, condition, and model of the luxury watch you own. However, we don’t make a final offer until we’re able to inspect your luxury watch for original parts, condition, and functionality. The more pristine the condition of your watch, the more we’re able to pay for it. All of our offers are 100% confidential and no-obligation, so you can get a free appraisal for your valuables before deciding whether or not to sell.

Obtaining a Quote

Fill out our request a pack form to start the appraisal and sales process. This will give you an order and communication number, then we can discuss what you have in more detail. Feel free to give us a call directly at 1-888-733-8806 if you’d like to speak with us first!

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