Sell Unwanted Jewelry

Unwanted jewelry is easily the most popular item to come through our processing center. We’ll explain the purity and weight of the items you have, how we price it, and how much we can offer. Do you have items that contain gemstones or multiple metals? No problem! We know how to price that out for you as well.

Types of Jewelry

Whether your jewelry is outdated, broken, has lost its importance, or you just want to take advantage of high gold prices, we guarantee we’ll offer you the most for your gold.* Here are just some of the categories of gold jewelry we frequently buy from customers.

Types of Metals

We don’t stop at just gold. Our team has been buying silver and platinum jewelry for years too. If it’s a valuable piece of precious metal, we’ll offer you cash for it!

Specific Pieces

Our team is experienced in pricing and purchasing large collections or estates that often contain designer jewelry and gemstones. We’ll analyze each piece for value and give a detailed quote on your collection. We also frequently purchase specific types of rings, such as old wedding bands and class rings.

Jewelry Resale Value

Most gold, silver, and platinum jewelry is priced based on the intrinsic value of the metal contained in each piece. Some older pieces can have a collectible value, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, the rise in gold prices over the past 15 years skyrocketed the intrinsic value past the collectible value. However, we are experts in collectible and rare pieces as well, so if there’s something we see that we can separate and offer you more for, we will

For more information on how we determine the value of your gold, visit our gold pricing page. If you’d like to try to calculate the value yourself, you can use our cash for gold calculator.

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