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Diamond engagement rings are modest. It is the symbol of love and promise. Engagement rings are usually stylish and elegant containing diamond stones. It is the reason why engagement rings cost tons of cash if you sell it.

Diamond engagement rings have long been symbolic, from a display of love and eternity. It is valuable and significant which is why we give fair quotation for every piece you will sell. However, our primary focus is to purchase diamonds with high-class cuts.


The price paid for the engagement diamond ring will be determined by the value of the diamond, the size of the ring, the cut, the purity, and the weight. If you have a certificate for your diamond, it will be better. Certificates like AGS, EGL, GIA, HRD, IGI or other diamond certificate would mean a lot for your pay.

If you have no documentation, it is still possible for us to estimate the value. It will be helpful if you contact an appraiser to find out what type of diamond you have. You can also consider having a gemologist inspect your jewelry.
We are interested in purchasing all shapes and colors of diamonds. We are looking for at least 0.75 ct or 3/4 carat large; for multiple diamonds with a main diamond at least 0.75 or 3/4 carat large.

We do not purchase diamonds that:

  • Have been clarity enhanced
  • Have been color treated
  • Have been laser drilled
  • Have clarity of I1, I2, I3, or SI3
  • Have strong fluorescence
  • Have poor cuts

If your ring has other precious metals or gemstones in it, such as silver or diamonds, our team of professionals will estimate the price of each section and pay you appropriately for each one. We’ll clearly explain how your ring is priced and give you a no-obligation offer on purchasing your jewelry.

The accurate value of your ring can only be determined after it has been expected by a professional to verify its quality, weight, and purity. If you’d like a free appraisal and offer for your gold ring and other jewelry, fill out our form on the left to print your free label or request a free cash for gold mailer pack.

Calculating the Value of Diamond Rings

The actual value of your diamond ring is determined by three primary factors: purity of the gold, karat weight of the piece, and the current spot price of a diamond. You can read in more detail how diamond pricing works, or use our diamond value calculator to determine the approximate value of simple items.


Purity is the percentage of gold in any piece of metal. The purity has a direct proportional impact on pricing.


The amount of diamond is also important in determining the value of your ring. The heavier the ring, the more carat it is. There is a direct proportional impact on pricing, so a ring weighing 0.75 ct or 3/4 carat would be worth the money.

Color and Clarity

We want the diamond to look clear as possible. We want to avoid buying diamonds that are already turning into yellow. We need to see if the diamond is still useable.


Lastly, the current value of a diamond depends on its cut. We must see how well does the diamond reflect the light. Once it’s determined how much pure your diamond ring is (using purity and weight), that number needs to be priced.

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Once these factors are seen from your diamond engagement ring, we can determine how much your diamond is worth. At Cash for Gold Mailer, we operate as efficiently as possible and work with the lowest margins in the industry. That’s why we guarantee the best offer, local or online, for your gold, diamonds, and valuables.

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