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Cash for Gold - Sell Your Gold for the Best Price

We're making selling your gold fast, easy, and efficient. Sell gold for a great price without leaving your home!

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Selling your gold and precious metals has never been easier. Avoid the pawn shop and get a great price in 3 easy steps:


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We'll send you a kit with everything you need, OR you can print off a free FedEx label and send it to us with your own packaging.

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Our discrete, durable packaging and fast, insured shipments keep your valuables safe.

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Easily accept your offer online and get paid quickly. There's no obligation to accept our offer!


With over 50 years of experience, our team of expert appraisers will carefully examine and test your gold, jewelry, diamonds, silver and platinum using our cutting-edge technology to determine its value. We offer transparent pricing for all the gold we buy:

Today's Gold Price:

All gold prices calculated using pennyweight scale (DWT)


per troy oz.

Karat 10+ oz
200+ DWT
5-10 oz
100-200 DWT
3-5 oz
60-100 DWT
0-3 oz
0-60 DWT
10K $ 40.04 $ 35.04 $ 30.03 $ 25.03
14K $ 56.17 $ 49.15 $ 42.13 $ 35.11
18K $ 72.02 $ 63.02 $ 54.01 $ 45.01
22K $ 88.05 $ 77.05 $ 66.04 $ 55.03

Gold Value Calculator

Select a unit of measurement:



With over 50 years of experience, our team of expert appraisers will carefully examine and test your gold, jewelry, diamonds, silver and platinum.
  • The price of gold.
  • The purity/grade of each item you send Weight.
  • Total amount you send in - the more the better!
  • Diamonds, and other precious metals included.

* Photos are illustrative and depict items of similar kind, quality and quantity to actual items purchased. Prices vary based on the constantly changing price of gold.


Questions about Gold and Precious Metals? We Have the Answers.

What is in your Gold Mailer?

  • Discrete packaging

What extra steps are you taking during the COVID-19 outbreak?

We've taken several steps to help make selling your gold safer:

  • Overnight shipping directly to your house
  • Scheduling home pickups of your packages
  • Same day payment online

What kind of gold do you buy?

  • Any kind of gold! From 10k to 24k, from broken earrings to bars.

How much does it cost?

  • Our service is free of charge. There is no cost to you sending your gold to us, or having it returned if you decide not to accept our offer.

How long does it take?

  • We use FedEx Overnight shipping, so transactions can take as little as 24 hours. We offer same day processing and payments, so most transactions are completed within 48 hours.

Gold & Diamond Info Center

Is It Worth Selling Broken Gold Jewelry?

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Ultimately, the decision to sell broken gold depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. If you have broken gold items that hold no sentimental value and you don’t wear, then there’s little sense in repairing them, or even holding on to them. But don’t throw them out! Broken gold is still gold and can be quite valuable based on its melt value. Many of our customers are surprised by how much the broken gold jewelry laying around can earn them!


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